Cindy Shechter

Artist Statement

I have a love of nature and for all of the organic forms within the natural world. I express my love through the use of bright colors, form and line, usually in an abstract expressionist manner.  We are surrounded by shadows that organic forms cast, and yet we usually don’t even notice them at all. The shadows have become an integral part of the real world and yet are ephemeral. As leaves cast their shadows on the ground, the shapes become distorted, elongated and often merge together to create entirely new entities. They exist for only the briefest moment, for they are forever changing. I capture the moment and bring these forms to life by tracing them on the canvas. With the addition of color and paint, what emerges is my expressive “reflection” of organic life.

Lately, I have become fascinated by trees. They are everywhere in our environment and yet we don’t really see them. Each tree is uniquely different and has a character all its own. Some are powerful and some fragile. Some erect and some twisted. Although the trunks are mainly brown and neutral in color, I bring them to life with prismatic color and emphasize their unique textures and patterns. Each tree has branches that twist and turn as they reach skyward and often mimic human limbs. My goal is to try to capture the expressive human quality of an individual tree as well as its strength and natural beauty.  ­­