Ajean Ryan

Ajean Ryan -Sea Fever

In terms of how to go about the work, I am invested in the slow accretion of materials:  in opposition to the austere and minimal, I have learned to embrace my absurd love of all things lavish and profuse with ornamentation. Using only string, debris, fabrics, and found objects, I’ve woven, suspended, and constructed, piece by piece, image by image, until the constructions assume a weight and strength that belie their flimsy, ephemeral materials.

My current work involves a re-shaping of landscapes, both as pictorial spaces and as a genre within the history of the visual arts. I’ve attempted to make installations that an observer can experience both as object and as
image. In these works, I have shared my amazement at the level of detail and complexity a single vantage point can provide. These experiences of meticulous space-even in the flatness of one perspective-can yet provoke
immense depth and volume.