Linda Barsotti

Posted by: on June 6, 2018

Study 3 by Linda Barsotti

In “Beyond the Mundane” I give consideration to those objects in the house that are mundane, utilitarian objects: cleaning supplies, electronic parts and construction materials, specially chosen objects that might be associated with femaleness or maleness. I have manipulated and re-contextualized them into a new form removing their function and embracing androgyny.

I observe viewers of my work initially responding to the abstractness of the objects. However, once cognizant of what it actually is, there is a shift in perception and identity: women identify more readily with the cleaning supplies, men with objects associated with tech or construction. This gives cause to re-evaluate assumptions and stereotypes.

While gender is a construct and not a binary, do we pigeonhole ourselves into an ill-defined collection of behaviors and characteristics that we have decided are male or female?

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