Cathleen Campbell

Posted by: on June 6, 2018

\”Anthony (Beauty is Tough\” by Cathleen Campbell

The spirit captured in these photos is resiliency, defiance, vulnerability, and faith. I shot all six in Harlem and the South Side of Chicago, my two homes. Each image is both indelibly rooted in place and undeniably about transcendence. I think everyone can relate to two worlds within. I hated Blues music growing up. Beyond evoking the Deep South, poverty and the past, the songs conveyed the inevitability of struggle. Who could have predicted how much the Blues would influence my work? My 6 photos explore the paradox of aspiration, evoking both presence and absence: a melancholy girl whose cornrow braids echo the American flag dangling above her; two street-scarred young men almost dropping their tough-guy masks; a 94 year-old woman dressed up  beyond Easter on an ordinary Sunday, and an abandoned rowboat beached next to a tenement deep into winter. Aspiration. Perseverance. My photos are deceptively simple and complex, just like the Blues.

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