Camilla Marie Dahl

Posted by: on December 14, 2017

The Board of Discontent – detail

Through painting and sculpture, I investigate how young women navigate their ways in a world riddled with contradictory messages, rules, and expectations regarding female sexuality. My work addresses the effects such incongruities and pressures can have on body image and one’s sense of self, and the ways in which women adapt to and cope within their given circumstances. Subtleties in expression and body language can speak louder and more truthfully than words to the human experience, and so, with these pieces, I aim to capture the unique and complex relationships individuals have with their own bodies.

A parallel body of work pays homage to the pain and suffering individuals endure in privacy and silence, behind closed doors or beneath masked faces. Through a transition of stark geometric forms to organic, figurative forms that express human discomfort, longing, and defeat, these works explore man’s cognitive struggle to exist within an strictly ordered, man-made world.

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