Joomi Chung

Posted by: on June 24, 2017

Interstate 1 (Frame from Video) by Joomi Chung

“My work evolved surrounding the idea of gradually unfolding image-space, a visual field and physical site made of observed, remembered, and imagined realities. As the image grows and transforms through abstraction and accumulation of materials, it weaves two modes of representations, map-landscape which implies locating and being, seeing and becoming. Interstate (2016) explores the idea of memory as a continuously expanding and contracting mental space where fragments of memories are woven together into a flux of images. Fragmentation, juxtaposition and superimposition of images and sounds; compression, stretching, warping, and repetition of time; and filters, masks, and rotoscoping are some of the techniques used to explore the idea of plasticity of time, memory, and image-space.”

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