Zachary Chomyszak

Posted by: on December 16, 2016

Stage Prop – oil on canvas

It’s odd; a flat surface can embody some sort of viewpoint. It’s all really just fluid marks. I’m so mesmerized. Painting can be so thrilling. Also confused. Guess I am more aware of the fabrication these days: the bias. Images are illusion and marketable and aesthetics and art school and classical and colonial and…conflicted… but…color though. The backyard is so nice. Silence is so nice: just the birds and the bees. I honestly even love the winter. It seems unnatural. Everything seems to be unnatural. Why the fences? Guess they’re for the privacy. It’s such a privilege to have privacy. That’d be a great title. Saw the news earlier; the world is a crazy place. It would be a shame if that happene

d here.

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