Lisa Federici

Posted by: on December 16, 2016

Quilted Heart – Mixed Media

My latest body of work focuses on parts of human anatomy created from sewn together recycled sari silks. The vibrant silk sari ribbon is made from silk remnants found on the floors of sari factories in India. I sew the silks to a stabilizer using a sewing machine. I allow the silks to bend, fold, bleed, and fray, as they want. I leave the threads loose, hanging, and free to move to represent the fluidity and linear quality of veins and capillaries in the human body. I am interested in visually depicting the internal workings of the human body. At the same time, I am deeply committed to exploring the connection and dichotomy between craft, sewing, and fine art, as well as women and their role in society. By using recycled sari ribbons sourced from women’s collectives and sewing them by machine into rudimentary and at times crude facsimiles of human anatomy I am playing with the juxtaposition of traditional women’s role and modern technologies.

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