Barry Eitel

Posted by: on December 16, 2016

Four Moons with Blue – mixed media drawing

My work stems from my desire to communicate a deep seated spirituality. So I make art in an attempt to capture the essence of what it’s like to live in the presence of a Higher Power Who is all around us.  A Presence that actually saturates the air we breathe. That is more real than the air we breathe. My figures and other subject matter tend to be plain and nondescript. I find myself decorating more of the air around them than anything else. My art seeks this simple way to communicate more complex ideas. It is an attempt to bring the viewer more in focus with the spiritual world. It is an attempt to be a reminder of this truth and to promote a renewed focus. To contemplate this presence in order to help bring peace. So that peace amongst all of us may be achieved.

Because the closer we get to this truth, the better we are as a people.

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